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Essential design, timeless style

Quality materials, functional design and ethical manufacturing for long-lasting comfortable clothing.

"Fluid clothes and accessories that satisfy everyone's comfort"

BLU’N ME is an Italian lifestyle and experience project translated into simplicity, functionality for clothing and accessories designed for the comfort of the person and the home. Our goal is not to create collections, but continually evolving themed projects, made of a few pieces, linked to real stories and experiences. Following the slow fashion philosophy and zero-waste policy, the selection of materials focuses on existing fabrics and materials, to re-enhance them in every single piece, with essential designs that endure the seasons and trends of fashion.

We give new life to existing materials to create unique garments of essential quality and timeless design for conscious fashion.

"We embrace slow fashion to support artisanal production that promotes eco-design and creativity."

In an era where mass-produced fashion dominates the market, embracing slow fashion is a significant step towards providing customers with unique, high-quality pieces.

By placing value on craftsmanship and customization, we can support a fashion market that prioritizes individuality, sustainability and lasting style, fostering a positive relationship between consumers and their clothing.


Each garment is designed to meet the needs of the body's well-being, to be loved and worn for a longer time.


We focus on slowing down the fashion consumption cycle by providing essential, personalized pieces that transcend traditional seasonal collections.


Transparency on the origin of the materials, on the places and methods of production to make the provenance of the garment known.


By following the needs of the body, the creation of garments overcomes the barriers of generation, culture and gender.


We prefer materials and warehouse inventories coming from a short and traceable supply chain, to maintain high quality and to give value to small productions and local craftsmanship.


Each garment and accessory is designed to give comfort and adapt to multiple fits. Thanks to modular cuts and linear structures, the concept of sizes is surpassed and overproduction is avoided.


We collaborate with shops and organizations to create ad-hoc events and pop-up stores dedicated to BLU’N ME. Single days or weekends to experience the brand, learn about its philosophy, the latest news and purchase the garments handcrafted in the Atelier.


Our products are designed internally from the initial idea to the small production in the Meidea Atelier. We follow the slow fashion philosophy, preferring organic cottons and left-over fabrics from local suppliers. We use and re-evaluate every single piece to avoid waste, with a unique touch and customized finishes.


The operational base of BLU’N ME is the Meidea Atelier, a restored industrial building in the center of Castelfranco Veneto (TV)-Italy. In the headquarters, which includes the consultancy studio, a multifunctional space has been created for the exhibition of artists, the creation of happenings, workshop events with artisans and professionals, meetings and conferences that promote responsible fashion that can train future generations of consumers.

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