BLU’N ME for Home Design


Treviso, April 2nd, 2022

BLU’N ME was a guest at HOME Design in Treviso with its own collection: fluid dresses and evergreen accessories that satisfy everyone’s requests for comfort.

HOME Design
TREVISO – Via Cornarotta 19

Kimono BLU’N ME from the SPRING DAYS campaign and My ZiZi Jewels bracelet

Together with Lucia Rosin and BLU’N ME, they were guests in the showroom:

Michela Vallotto from My ZiZi Jewels
Angela Queirolo from QU.
Cristina Secco from Cri_S

With the participation of the winery Le Colture 🥂

Exhibition photo by Roberto Volpin 📸

New Kimono available in the Atelier