BLU’N ME at Pietrasanta with Zoe

Zoe Boutique special

3 kilometers from the sea of Versilia in Tuscany, Zoe Pietrasanta welcomes BLU’N ME: a collection of evergreen clothes and accessories that meet everyone’s comfort requirements.

On 22-23-24 July, come and visit us at the Boutique in the historic center of Pietrasanta where you can find unique clothing of its kind such as outerwear with silk linings and fluid trousers made in our Atelier in Castelfranco Veneto.

The collection will remain available in the Boutique until August 31, 2022.

22-23-24 July 2022

10: 00-13: 00/17: 00-00: 00

Zoe: PIETRASANTA (LU), Via G. Garibaldi, 29

BLU'N ME speciale Zoe Pietrasanta Agosto 22
BLU'N ME Speciale Zoe Pietrasanta