BLU’N ME LIVING is coming soon

In the Atelier there is great excitement for the creation of the new line dedicated to the home. BLU’N ME LIVING will soon be available in the Atelier in Castelfranco Veneto.

We are selecting and processing the fabrics from our warehouse, a continuous search to recover the “left-over”, giving a new life to materials that otherwise would have been destined for pulping.

This is a conscious and responsible approach because it places new products on the market but without the need to produce new materials, instead enhancing what is already available and existing in the market or in past collections, favoring 100% local production, textile quality for fibers. and the features that give each piece a timeless beauty.

The advantage of this choice is to always obtain new quality and unique products; moreover, it allows to reduce waste to a minimum through a design that aims at “0 waste” by reducing cuts, choosing to include the selvedges as an aesthetic value in the models, minimizing or eliminating any accessory such as buttons and hinges.


Coming in December 2021