Carlo Buffa: Calligraph and BLUNMER

Hanging on the entrance door, Carlo’s hyperlight poems move and seem to breath with each step we take. In this space, our eyes are dynamically led to every corner following paintings, inks, papers, books.

We instantly recognize the self-made brushes he told us about at the Kimono Day performance. Some of them are small twigs made from her backyard rose, other are larger ones with horsehair.

This studio expresses his whole personality. In each shelf there is a seal or a rare calligraphy book: these are all the pieces that have formed his knowledge in the discipline of shōdo.

Wearing the Kimono and prepared brushes and ink, Carlo studies some ideograms and reproduces them in silence. We remove the sound from the camera shutter that disturbs thoughts too much.

In the silence of a precious ritual, sign after sign, the ideograms are built on paper. As the sign is repeated, mastery and freedom are acquired at the same time. Carlo decides to show us how he writes XIN (heart / mind), the character represented in the 120 pieces that are now on display in our Atelier. Using the branches of the rose and other brushes he determines different traces and inevitably evokes as many sensations.

What attracts us to this discipline is the importance of visual balance, the sign weighs as much as the white that surrounds it which becomes a fundamental part to enhance its meaning. The full is empty, the empty is full, complementing each other.

We remain to listen to his narrative voice that transmits security and tranquility. We perceive the care and sacredness of this discipline behind every story, instrument, writing.

Carlo picks up a large XIN from his desk, applies the seal (zhuanshu), gently rolls up the work and hands it to us.

It is his heart for us.

Thank you master.

– Eleonora

“The naturalness of the act is obtained if the mind forgets to control the hand and the hand ignores the mind. “ - Aiwasu

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